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Thank you for checking in.  Occasionally generous donors will make funding available for a cause they feel strongly about.  Below are listed the grants currently available.  Please note the grant must be applied for.  The application form is available here or at AlterClinic office 234-804-3064

Cat Grant- Donor wishes to remain anonymous 


Grant Guidelines


  1. Household income of $30,000 annually or less

  2. Multiple cats from a single household are accepted

  3. A photo ID and one other form of ID are acceptable (see Application form for examples)

  4. Individuals assisting feral cats are eligible if other eligibility requirements are met

  5. High volume trappers or rescue groups are not eligible


Grant Distribution Process

  1. Complete an application

  2. Upon receipt of completed application, the application will be reviewed, and the applicant will be notified by phone of the decision within 5 days of receipt of application.

  3. An appointment will be made at the time of the phone call and the remainder of the amount the client owes will be collected via Mastercard or Visa.

  4. Grant amounts offered are as follows:

    1. Female Cats - $20 reduction

    2. Male Cats - $10 reduction

    3. Feral Cats - $10 reduction from $35 package

  5. Required vaccinations are paid for by the client or as noted in the feral packages.

Grant Application

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.